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What a great product! I love this stuff.

It feels mild and actually really hydrates rather than exfoliates. Considering the mix of BHA, AHA, and retinoids, I’m pretty impressed.

It comes in a matte glass bottle – if you haven’t read my previous skincare reviews, I’m a sucker for glass packaging.

The peel consistency is more oily than other flow toners or exfoliants I usually use in this step. The peel contains a blend of glycolic, salicylic and retinoids that work together to gently exfoliate the skin, cleanse pores and soften fine lines. It also contains avocado extract to reduce shine and help balance skin, allantoin to soothe skin, glycerin to hydrate, and urea and amino acids to strengthen skin.

The texture absorbs well into the skin and leaves a nice, healthy glow on the skin.

Even from the first use, it’s been great on my skin and I think I might be able to use it every night without drying or irritation. For now, though, two or three times a week seems to be enough for me.

My thoughts are clear, the Murad Daily Clarifying Peel deserves a standing ovation.

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