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Correct & Protect Serum Broad Spectrum SPF 45, a mineral-based serum sunscreen that also doubles as an antioxidant-rich protector, corrects discoloration and helps prevent future hyperpigmentation.

It contains vitamin C to help brighten, even out, and correct sun damage.

To give you a better idea, the texture is similar to a serum or skin tone: lightweight and easy to apply. This sunscreen texture is new to me – I’m used to SPFs that feel more like lotions or have a thicker, greasy feel before being absorbed.

This SPF is lightweight and absorbs quickly – I’ve used sunscreens in the past that left my skin feeling heavy and looking oily, or my skin feeling dry and tight.

My skin felt comfortable from the first use, and if anything, I looked a little more matte than usual.

I love the light weight of this sunscreen. The dewy texture spreads easily and evenly on my face without leaving any white residue. It gives me a translucent and matte finish.

To me, it’s a good sign of what’s to come.

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