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Now, I like the idea of retinol, but I have always been a little afraid to use it. I have been looking for signs of reversing aging, but if my skin starts to become irritated or inflamed or looks dry, I will lose confidence completely.

Products containing retinol will essentially force your skin’s cell renewal rate to increase rapidly, thereby super-promoting collagen production. All this is great, which means fuller skin, softer lines and a younger glow. We all want that!

As I mentioned, I have been using this serum for a while, every other night, because I like to alternate between active ingredients like retinol and acid, and I noticed that my skin looks better Great improvement. It is smoother, firmer, brighter, and my pores look smaller. In general, I am very satisfied with my skin, except for occasional outbreaks here and there due to too much hormone or chocolate 🙂

Although like I said, my skin is accustomed to retinoid serums, but there have been some irritations in the past but not Murad products. This is a very mild but effective formula. The serum is also very moisturizing, so my skin never feels dry after using it, and my skin never peels due to retinol.

I highly recommend Murad Retinol Serum, especially if you are not familiar with Retinol.

Have you used Murad retinol products? What is your current retinol serum?


  • $28.00/0.33 FL. OZ.
  • $89.00/1.0 FL. OZ.


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