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Revitalixir™ Recovery Serum contains some very powerful ingredients that have been shown to have a positive effect on skin problems caused by stress and high levels of cortisol.

Its formula contains a powerful blend of neuropeptides, figs and hemp seed oil, which can replenish moisture and correct skin texture, making the skin smooth like a baby’s back.

Contains niacinamide to improve texture, while wild indigo and caffeine are used to invigorate the skin and visibly reduce dark circles and puffiness.

The essence of the formula is divided into two parts in the bottle-water-based gel and oil-based spheres-only when the pump dispenser is pressed to apply.

Separating the oil-based spheres and water-based gels before use can achieve a more effective and concentrated formula that provides a higher level of active ingredients every time it is used. genius.

The strange thing is that it does not, but it is listed as having a small amount of fragrance, so I think the addition is only to mask the smell of the raw material, not to bring a more intense “sensory” experience.

Revitalixir™ Recovery Serum has a light consistency and leaves the skin feeling gorgeous. It absorbs promptly, leaves no traces, and can be used well for makeup-whether it is liquid or powder. After using it for a month, I see an improvement in my skin.

The best serum I have found, my pores are smaller, my skin is even, soft and plump, if I use it in the morning, my skin feels ready for makeup. Yes, it is expensive, but it is definitely worth it. -No talent, will definitely repurchase.


$89.00/1.35 FL. OZ.


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