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I’m so excited to be travelling in the next two weeks so I thought I’d share what I take with me in my handbag when I travel long distances… This is basically what I keep while I’m flying so I haven’t put any liquids in large volumes right here. (I always carry The Body Shop Frangance Mist in Japanese Cherryblossom and my sun block when I’m not flying)
I love my black Guess bag because it’s in matte black and size is medium, but it has so much space inside that even I sometimes wonder how I can carry so many things in it. However, when I fly I try to keep it as light as possible so this post will not show you what I’d usually load it with.
1. To keep me moisturised throughout the flight, I use my Bulgari cream in travel size. This is so soft and very lightly scented.

2. I always carry my iPod Nano (I wish they made it in gold) because I want to save the battery on my iPhone 5S (this is my primary camera when I travel)

3. I love reading, and I love re-reading my favourite books! This time I’m taking Gone Girl with me, because it’s such a thriller that I’d forget my long haul flights and the transits in between. My other picks would be something from Dan Brown (even though I’ve read his books a million times) or a nice thriller/detective novel by Sandra Brown (I love Smoke Screen & White Hot)

4. Next in line is makeup! I love a good red lip when I travel overseas. I know it usually requires high maintenance, but Le Orange from YSL just stays in place for the longest time, especially when I make it matte with the famous tissue trick. The shade I’m taking with me this time is Le Orange. It also keeps my lips hydrated and does not show up any dry patches.

5. Chanel’s Style Yeux Waterproof in Or Blanc (Holiday 2014 Limited Edition) is what I always keep when I travel because it’s waterproof, so it lasts long and this particular shade instantly makes my eyes look awake when I apply it on the inner corners.

6. You guys I cannot live without concealers and I trust my MAC Studio Finish Concealer paired with Laura Geller’s Real Deal concealer as they last forever, basically. But I’d like to keep one concealer with me because I have bad dark circles so I feel like I’d need one to touch up some times… Here I’ve chosen MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25.

7. I just finished the review on ColourPop’s LaLa pressed pigment, and I know that I’d wear this everytime I travel, because it lasts super long without any kind of fading. I thought I’d keep this in my handbag just in case I had to wipe my eyes or something…

8. I’ve already told you guys that this palette is so travel-friendly, so here it comes into my handbag. I know i’d need a good powder palette when I travel because my skin gets pretty oily after about 3-4 hours. BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Sculpt & Glow palette in Light-Medium will stay put in handbag for the rest of my tour as well 🙂

9. Two things I haven’t included in the picture: Wet wipes! I need to buy that and my Sunglasses will definitely get inside too.

So these are the essentials that I keep in my handbag on a long distance flight. Is there anything else I should add? let me know 🙂

I’ll see you soon with some new beauty products for summer!!!

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